Sennen Cove

After long years of non-stop working, I wanted to get away to a place in the UK that had it all – the beauty of a sunset casting it’s shadow across the sands, the fresh air and the ocean sounds that could carry me into idylic day dreams.

I came across so many spots in Cornwall but the first one (the right one) was Sennen Cove. They described it as a piece of heaven and they weren’t wrong.

The train journey was long so we kept ourselves busy with moments of picture snapping and reading.


There were times when we thought the weather was going to turn bad but luckily when we got there “wow!” is all I can say. The cottage was nestled at the bottom of a small hill and the view was wide across the sea.

A tractor was on hand to carry our luggage down the hill, as it was way too steep. We were treated to a beautiful sunset that melted into the sea to produce some wonderful colours.

A Boards of Canada moment In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Land's End

People have been to Land’s End since the ancient Greek times, when it was called ‘Belerion’ place of the sun. When we got there, I felt the separation of two worlds, that magical line that cuts across the ocean and the sky.

We also came across a farm that housed all kinds of lovely little animals. In a big city, full of energy and chaos, I almost forget how the food gets to the supermarket, onto my plate, and in my stomach. The farm edged me closer to becoming a vegetarian, especially when you look into the eyes of those animals and feel the emotion. I felt a connection deeper than ever before.

St Ives

A bustling little seaside town full of colourful streets, shops and ice cream, awash with seagulls and great views of the Atlantic ocean in every corner.

Final words

It has been a long time since I’ve seen the ocean with such beautiful colours. The hilltop created a cutoff to the network signal which meant no Wifi, no 3G, nothing. This disconnection from everything was just simply amazing – a world blocked off by the madness of technology. It really taught us how to slow down and focus on the things that were important – each other.

Here are my favourite moments:

Portchurno beach
The fog
The sunset
The full moon