YouView on iPhone

YouView is an on demand TV service with live free-to-air digital TV and radio channels. It combines seven day catch-up with a library of on demand programmes, films and radio.


To design an app that integrated the best features of the YouView set-top box while taking advantage of the iOS platform.


YouView is a PVR/IPTV set-top box which features services from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT and Talk Talk. It combines Freeview with an innovative new interface that integrates catch-up TV from all the major broadcasters into one seamless package.

youview on iphone TV and Box


It was clear to us that the iPhone had a lot more to offer the user. So rather than just having a remote control app, we pushed to reinvent the YouView interface on the iPhone and use the set-top box as a means to just play the content.

I worked together with the Lead UX designer to come up with concepts that we presented to the CEO.


I wanted us to really think about the space and dimensions of the iPhone interface. I began the design process by drawing out spatial points for navigation and content. I felt this would help ground our ideas and positioning on any issues that might arise.

youview on iphone spatial points


The YouView font was FS Me – a san-serif typeface already well designed for usage across multiple platforms. FS Me is designed specifically to improve legibility for people with learning disabilities.

youview on iphone typography sheet


I went with a practical grid made up of four columns with 14pt baseline.




I began my conceptual process by using the UX documents as a starting point to understanding what data and elements needed to be on screen. The main approach was to apply the current IA on the set-top box, whilst applying it all according to YouView’s design principles.


Bringing together features from the Info Panel into a single concise screen.

YouView iPhone App - Now

Changing channels – the feature allows the user to get a sneak peak of the next channel without having to commit to changing over.

YouView iPhone App - Now Playing changing channels

TV guide

The TV guide that users have grown to love in both portrait and landscape modes.

YouView iPhone App - TV Guide


Bringing together features from the MyView section into a single screen. As the iPhone is such a personal device, it felt like adding a favourite feature would make sense as it kept the content local.

YouView iPhone App - MyView

Filling time – everyone has been there, waiting around for your favourite tv show to start with nothing to watch in the meantime. Well this clever feature, would allow users to see how they can fill their empty time slots, with suitable content based on the time available and an algorithm that measured their interests.

YouView iPhone App - MyView Fill time


Not seasons

Pushing the idea of shows and collating all the seasons into a single area.

YouView iPhone App - Shows

YouView iPhone App - Shows new v old

Remote control rethought

You probably have a remote control lying somewhere inbetween your sofa’s cushions. So why bother replicating that experience on a £500+ device that can do so much more. We decided to using two-finger gestures that could be activated anywhere. We went with two basic requests – volume and live rewinding.

I wanted to revise the way people thought about rewinding live TV. Instead of your standard playback bar, I based it around the clock – something more familiar to users.

YouView iPhone App - Remote control gestures

Thumbs up

We learned so much from this project and designing for the iPhone allowed us to push through the features that mattered. It also opened up the company’s eyes of what was possible and the impact it would have on their users. A hugely successful project as budget was assigned for the app to be built on both iOS and Android platforms.




  • Mobile


Visual Design Lead


1 month

Team size