Summer Social

Immediate Media wanted to get people in the company working together to find hidden treasures across London. The winning team is scored on: time, photographic style and correct answers.

An award-winning special interest content and platform company. They are one of the biggest consumer media businesses in the UK and the fourth largest magazine publisher.


To produce conceptual designs for a treasure hunt iOS app, that aim to improve internal team rapport – getting people involved in challenges by getting the best out of each person’s skill set. A big prize (tickets to a European destination) was at stake to draw people into the tasks.

Game theory

Poker stands out as the perfect balance in game theory and applying this method would help keep the teams interested. It requires that each person combine logical, intuitional and spatial thinking to win the game. The aim of the winning team was to combine everybody’s skill set. They would be measured on intelligence, speed and creativity – the team with the best average of the skill sets would win.

summer social game theory


Design is an interesting subject as I see it somewhere between art, science and mathematics. I find myself applying different approaches according to the client and to the project and that’s what I love most about this – the variety.

I needed to pull out all the stops to make sure everyone understood what I was trying to communicate as there no were design guidelines, no direction – just my ideas.

Mood board

I feel when you’re trying to communicate a certain style, its always best to lead the client by the hand, the best way to do this is through use of mood boards. I believe this visual aid is the best way of communicating which direction you’re thinking about taking all the different elements of the design.

summer social Mood board


I decided to go with Avenir Next as I believe it would matched the right amount of playful I was looking for while still remaining sensible.

summer social typography


My base colours were a creamy white and black, using three punchy colours to make sure that things stayed fun.

summer social colours


The journey for each question was broken up into four steps. I began sketching out the different steps – looking at the start page, what the pins could look like, the progress bar, status of each of the other teams – you get the idea.

summer social steps

Start page

summer social sketches-1

Map page

summer social sketches-2

Question page

summer social sketches-3

Picture page

summer social sketches-4

Team Us page

summer social sketches-5

Team Them page

summer social sketches-6


Half way through the project, the Creative Director wasn’t sure the iPhone would be the right platform to get a team of people working together. So I had to change the designs – hence why you see iPhone sketches and high-def iPad concepts. But this is the way the world works, sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

The decision to use the iPad as the viewport actually improved the team’s ability to work together as they were able to work more cohesively with a bigger screen.



  • Immediate Media
  • Publishing


  • Mobile
  • Tablet


Art Direction
Visual Design Lead
UX Lead


5 days

Team size