Simon Fernandez

Simon Fernandez is a photographer based in London. His work has been published in magazines such as Mojo, Guardian, Sunday Times, Bizarre, Classic FM, Vice, Plan B, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Carless Talk Costs Lives; and a wealth of websites.


To design a brand new website that allow Simon to exhibit his commercial and personal work – while adding a flair of quirkiness that made him stand out from the crowd.

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The Photographer

I wanted to really understand and get under the skin of Simon’s photography. So I spent a great deal of time looking through his work and trying to figure out the best creative direction. He had a very small online presence and I believed he could really reach out to others through his interest in writing and photography.


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Cool & Powerful

We all know what a profound effect music can have on us – the beats almost touch the core of our lives.  I had to find the core of how I could communicate his work. I started out by looking at several photographs and then try to push them together – simultaneously crossing paths to conjure up that perfect juxtaposition.


I was wandering through my huge obsessive collection of iconography and this library of icons just clicked into place. They had the right air of whimsical meets hipster that could be used so well throughout the website for those quirky details.



I spent so many days trolling through fonts that my eyes became affixed with letters. I closed my eyes and just saw characters. But through all that persuasive effort I found Press Gothic. It is a revival of Aldo Novarese’s Metropol typeface released by Nebiolo in 1967 as a competitor to Stephenson Blake’s Impact.

I felt the strength of the type face would sit well on all the photography and enhance the direction I wanted to give the website.



The photographs were the core of my direction. Simon’s photos couldn’t be changed and I had to mould the direction around his style of photography. I had to find the wonder, energy and fun inside each photo and make the website come alive.


Oh yes, let’s start making up words now – topping off the design part by focusing on a grid system and some colour theory.

I wanted to go with a grid that used the content and layout giving an asymmetrical and maybe somewhat edgy feel.




Huge impact imagery with a strong headline font and energetic red to further play on the modish style of photography.

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