GenieConnect is a leading provider of event participation solutions. Their mobile apps and web portals are best of breed solutions for organisers looking to digitalise their events.


I had one week to come up with a brand new concept that would energise the company, aid their way of thinking about solutions and lead them into new design principles.


GenieConnect has a range of mobile apps and web portals that provide a unique opportunity for event organisers to deploy under their own brand to deliver more for participants at their events. The system is modular and highly configurable, and their turn-key solutions allow our customers to design, brand and publish using the GenieBuilder platform.

genieconnect device template


This was a redesign of a system already there. I had a short moment of time to interview the CEO, analyse their data, the current state of their interface and think of any recommendations I could give.

genieconnect Sketches

Once I finished the interview stage, I began to break apart the process between customer and business requirements, into feasible visuals.


Our aim for customer wants was above all our number one priority, we then filtered down the requirements based on what the business wanted and then what was possible to actually make. It would then ensure the product was finely tuned and geared towards what was above.

genieconnect conception to product


Our main focus was our three time slots during an event and piecing together some user stories that help set exceptions and give direction to the product.

genieconnect timeline


After a lot of thinking, I simplified the process down to three steps:

genieconnect key pages

1. Intro

A login page that gets the user straight into the location of the conference using imagery to convey the atmosphere. I have also added a learning’ module that aims to give more information and a last year’ module to let users know all the great things that have previously happened.

genieconnect Template - Start up

2. Fill

To give the user a better experience, the registration process takes them through an optional bunch of forms that help improve the system’s understanding of what they want (to learn/do) and what they can offer (as a professional). All of this information then gets exposed inside the Feed section.

genieconnect Template - Wizard

3. Feed

The ConnectMe are based on feeds of correlated cards. The correlation is a weighting system that deals with the user’s preferences, favourites and schedule, as well as their network’s preferences and favourites. The UI is based on cards that hold different amounts of information depending on their content/context.

genieconnect Template - ConnectMe

The Now and Here focus on allowing users to know what’s going on right now and where to find their favourite exhibitors.

genieconnect Template - ConnectNow&Here

Main menu

The main menu helps to push gamification of profile completeness as well as conference attendance.

genieconnect Template - Main Menu

Final words

Throughout this project I felt I was able to communicate the right ideas that would take the company to the next level by means of a user centred approach. I also gained a lot of insight to how small startups function, and how they can be a great place to incubate new approaches.

At time of writing, Lanyon had just purchased GenieConnect.




  • Mobile


Visual Design Lead
UX Lead


3 days

Team size