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Bolivia is Beyond

May 1, 2016
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A wondrous country filled with an array of intriguing history, food, people and landscapes.

Ancient history

One of my first ventures around Bolivia was a trip to see the ancient Tiwanaku civilisation. Not much is known about them, but I’ve always been so interested in all the ancient cultures around South America. I’ve always been drawn to investigating them. So you can imagine what it felt like being there and seeing all the amazing sculptures they built. Not much is known about them but one loves to draw wild conclusions from mysteries sometimes.


The Sun and the Moon, or the duality of male and female, or 0 and 1, plays a big part in the beliefs of the ancient civilisations around South America. We found a lot of symbology that related to this.


Bolivia is a landlocked country and yet had such a defined emotional effect – I’ll always remember the beautiful landscapes that stretched on thousands and thousands of kilometres. Each landscape as beautiful as the previous and as rich in colour as the next. I was blessed and humbled to be able to venture around this amazing country.

Salt flats

An area is full of stillness and tranquillity. There is an eerie and calming emotion that lingers in the white salt flats that cannot be described nor imagined but must be seen.

Maragua crater

A long bug ride took us to the edge of a huge crater formed by an unusual combination of geologic uplift and erosion. A lot of the time we thought we were looking at layered ice cream – it was a beautiful area to explore with villages nestled inside that believed in a Heaven or Hell story. It was so interesting to see them make an embroidery of their stories that were carried down for hundreds of years.

Silvermine in Potosi

The biggest silver mine in the world spans 500 years of history. We got a very lucky chance to go inside and see what it was like.

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