I give joy to others with my infinite look
Infinite and yet non-existent depth
I give love to others with hope
Hope to refill my sorrow
As I sit here crying
I relinkquish the chance
To refill my heart with the once unnoticeable sunshine

Embracing the warmth I feel in the
Coldest region
Region giving peace to the strange
Creatures foreseeing their mortal ways
Foreseeing the harmonical waves
Sent down from God
Down from the saddened state
Rising above the struggles and fulfilling the desirable
Fulfilling the need of hers
To the fullest ability of yours
Ability able to drive you into
Your mind’s contentment

Minds crash and hearts sink
I know beauties in the skin beneath
Beneath lays the waiting Goddess Venus
As I stare and wonder if she craves
My passion, my soul and my mind
My soul the everlasting glow in my life,
The manifestation that keeps
Me from devolving into emptiness

Halmat Ferello © 2002