Mediation v Rat race

The more time I spend doing mediation and going along this path of redistribution, the more I find myself fading and feeling less part of this world.

Do others also feel this way?

It’s a strange feeling, as the everyday corporate life has its tricks into trying to steer one into a life of insanity. Fear this, fear that and your life depends on that! We’re reached a point where we’ve become totally reliable on a system that can do more for us and shift as it pleases. A system controlled by strings – invisible string that not one person can seemingly put together to find the root of the system.

We feel in total freedom because we have the illusion (perspective) of it – believing the many over the few in a state of mind moulded by consumerism and dramatist stories. Everyone fighting the survival of the fittest, strongest, and most intelligent (Academic) wins, but where is the compassion and empathy? And this system only works because we teach and enforce through the education system (a sub-system). We make our children, remember to take exams, that if the fail our corporate system will not accept them into everyday life.

The “everyday life” being another system that was enforced by invisible methods, into our schools, homes and environment. A common quote that gets throw around to make people feel at ease with not having to fight against what feels wrong.