I’m Hal(mat) and I’m from London – I combine my skills in digital product and service design with a dash of the startup methodology. I enjoy working with companies on end-to-end projects, mixing my design and (hidden) development skills to communicate ideas and effectively solve business needs. All accomplished with a process of critical, conceptual and creative design right through to creating prototypes and delivering product development.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all way of working for every company, which is why I’m adaptive in the way I work, depending on the specific needs of the business, agency or individual.


I’m often described as a conscientious designer, but deep inside lies the creative madness of a nutty professor. I really believe in the mantra that design is lost without its purpose and I try to apply that to everything I do. I enjoy experimenting with new technologies and approaches that can bring forth a different perspective. Music is my most important inspiration and you’ll always see me with my headphones on.


I have over twelve years experience and have worked within a lot of different industries. A primary focus over this time, has been the design (and sometimes development of technologies) across digital platforms. I’ve worked with a variety of clients; from Fashion, Fitness, Financial, IPTV, Public Transport, Mobile and Social to Television.

Just me

I have a lot of interests in life – from metaphysics and philosophy, to poetry and photography. A mixture of the latter holds dear to my heart, as I find it helps capture the moment in its most honest form. These outlets always make their way back into my designs and vice versa. It seems to create a whimsical expression of knowledge.

Music, oh my love for music is without doubt my single biggest love affair. I mostly connect with non-vocal genres, ranging from Ambient to Classical. I have so many favourite artists: Boards of Canada, TR/ST, iamamiwhoami, The Prodigy, Jon Hopkins, Nils Frahm, Grimes, Brian Eno, Choppin, Bach, Infected Mushroom, Air, Washed Out and Austra, to name a few.

A book is always within reach, I end up reading books that sometimes take months to finish, usually some kind of psychological, philosophical or perspective-alternating genre. I try to make an effort to read a wide spectrum of subjects so I can eventually bring that connection into my work.