Timemachine was an idea I had for website that people use to find the day-by-day events for a particular subject. When big events happen, like a war, it becomes difficult to take in all the information and so many people are left to only read news from only one or two websites. This lack of complete information, spurred me into developing this concept. It would gather information from all sorts of media feeds and put them together.

Visual first

Sometimes when I want to designf rom scratch I can go with Visual first approach. Where I go deep into designing how elements look, feel and work. This method works great sometimes as it ensures that all the pieces of the concept work together properly. It helps define the brand, design principles and visual grammar – all in one screen.

The main focus on top of the page would the event title, this would stay the same. A timeline of days would help orientate the user themselves. With the “Today” intially selected, the timeline would be spilt into clips of information relating to the event in concetrated time slots.


This feature would combine all the day’s clips into single stream and allow the user to go to a specific time where there is a concentration of clips.

UX second

With the visual first approach, I then go back and start to define how the core principles work. I wanted to define the spatial principle to help focus the design around this as I felt it was an integral part of the concept.

Next steps

With a strong concept for how we can group information together to help aid how we gauge events. The next steps are to develop a working prototype.



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