The project was to redesign their app to make officers more efficient and collaborative. My part was to help create a design system that allowed not only their app to grow as more features were added but to also create a system that worked on multiple devices and screen sizes.


The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is the principal law enforcement agency responsible for policing the Australian state of Queensland. In 1990, the Queensland Police Force was officially renamed the Queensland Police Service and the old motto of “Firmness with Courtesy” was changed to “With Honour We Serve”.


QPS have been trying to digitalise their workforce to allow them to streamline services and information. They use different systems to allow them to work together with different departments. Their iPad app allows to carry out their duties while saving them a lot of time.


I was involved in the user research: collecting information from the Police Officers that were in the field and analysing how the current system worked, mapping out the different areas and identifying areas for improvement. I helped create the foundations of the design system as well as doing many lo-fi and hi-fi concepts.


This project is still on-going and I cannot release any information regarding this.



  • Queensland Police
  • Government


  • Tablet


Senior UI Designer