News stand


I was asked to come up with a couple of concepts to help improve the mechanics of Immediate’s iPad magazine news stand apps.


Constructing information into chunks then putting these groupings into layers. This approach allows the user to comprehend with the task then using simple mechanics to bring out the layers to access functionality.

Pages & Actions

Planning the number of pages, content and actions helps outline a clear strategy.


Different ways to interact with the layers of information.

Concepts – Toolbar

In this concept, we treat each type of content as a separate page.

Concepts – Grip

In this concept, we give more detail into the mechanics by using a grip graphic. Dragging across opens up the draw. The toolbar used icons, which covered four pages: Covers, List, Search and Favourites.

Concepts – Minimal

In this concept, pages numbers occupy the iPad’s status bar but also act as a button to launch the user into a full overlay.  A simplified version of the toolbar with four pages and rather than using icons we’re now directly calling out the pages.



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UX Designer
Visual Designer