Dream 180912

Another weird dream a couple of days ago. Very surreal – felt like the end of this world. I woke up at around what seemed to be 3am and glazed outside to see the moon on fire and smoke pouring out of it as if it were a machine of somewhat. It was much closer than normal as I could see the fires in detail with my own eyes.

What seemed to be already strange, become more strange. We were covered by a shield, I could see the reflection of the earth gaze down upon us. And with that one look upwards I called out for Annie. To show her all these weird things happening, as if they were new and unknown to myself or anyone else to that matter. In a matter of seconds, a massive cylinder came down from the sky, it was holding something and crashed onto the top of our block of flats. Boom, boom, boom! It was crushing every floor above us and when it came down to the 5th floor (our floor) it stopped. We were saved! But the damage was done and the blocks of flats were about to split into two and collapse, like a scene from a sci-fi movie. I quickly decided to close the front door instead of escaping, as we looked outside knowing the formidable consequences. We lay onto the door as the dream cuts to black.