Dream 040712

About a year and half ego, a dream that seemed like an awakening but also a nightmare pushed me out of bed. A dream so familiar and so shocking. I was there sitting on a patch of grass, overlooking a tall glass building. Having a conversation with two guys, I glance upwards and notice a huge wall of fire descend and wrap itself around this glass building, that now as we know it as the Shard. This huge moment of fire engulfed the city and left nothing untouched. The dream was so unreal and metaphorical that I cared to put enough significance for me to remember it.

Strangely, my second day at YouView (again!) but working in their new offices, I turned white when I noticed that I was in the exact same scene as my dream. That moment, I thought we’re all going to die. Luckily, I’m still here writing this and able to tell this weird future outcome that never came to be.

I looked up the meaning of “fire” and in a dream state we are told that it means change, like fire does on earth, by burning the old foliage and fertilising the new soil. Could this dream mean we about to embrace/encounter a huge change, start with the Shard?

The day, I had this recurrence was the same day that Annie had a fire at DHL, which came up out of the blue. She also dreamt about it, in that dream, she sees Westminster and Big Ben destroyed in a mass explosion. She was in a car and ended floating up and seeing a dark patch where Westminster used to be.

I believe that dreams sometimes don’t have a concept of time though. And maybe all these events were compressed into one dream with no time inbetween.